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Cyber War Bangladesh & India | Part-1

If the answer to this question, we first have to be samparake hacker group. BD Black Hat Hacker's name come first in a group. The founder of this group is the name of a young black munalaita burn. This group is to create a cyber army purabe He was a member of Bangladesh. And the Bangladesh Army, a group of cyber Ethical Hacker MPs from all groups. This group of black burn munalaita nitimala bahiskrita me to break the group, and a black hat hacker named BD in a an ethical hacker groups. Some days ago, he's on some website and destroy. The official website and there was a lot. Bangladesh army after the Demolition of the non-stop destruction of his own website. After that he began and where he was in the Indian website diphesa hatyake issue of the border.

 In a few cases he is able to destroy the Indian poor website. The results of the Indian cyber phorasa (which is known as indisela) with Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh cyber war, cyber army wonder they do not talk it down. Last Wednesday, a day after the government's website hacked by some of the most important and the data it phasa. But ... they are all on the first patai "Hind's" word and writes it to the Bangladesh Business armike ahabbana war. And after the war, and in this case, the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh, Cyber ​​Hacker of all food groups from the counter-attack is carried out together. This group is replaced by the group  "3xp1r3 Cyber ​​Army" and "aluminiyama Cyber ​​Army". In it, they realized that they kadhe Kadha "operations in" the name was called. And as a result of more than 10,000 in one night, they can occupy themselves in the Indian websites.
Cyber ​​war and see its goals soon.. [there will be an Part 2 link in this post]

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1 Respones to "Cyber War Bangladesh & India | Part-1"

Mdh741 said...

Dear sir
basically following group are militants/extremist. I am a Bangladeshi. we know they are trying to brake relation between India & Bangladesh. I am working in hacking field about 6 years. what-ever i have learn't & learning thats from Indian sites & blog's. Also I belive indian hackers are 50 year's advance then following group. I also get scheme, when i see this type post as a Bangladeshi. So nothing to say anything for Bangladeshi people without sorry. I/we respect yours

your blog is very very rich. thanks for your heard work.   (my English is not good sorry for that)         

June 3, 2012 at 3:01 PM

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