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Hack/Recover Folder Lock Passwords

Folder Lock  is one of the folder protector or a fast data encrypting software for Windows, which helps you to hide confidential or non confidential data’s safely without any unauthorised access,it can simultaneously encrypt, lock and protect your files, folders, drives, USB drives and even CD/DVD-RW with password. 
Today I’m going to teach you that How to Hack this Folder Lock Password | Bypass Folder Lock | Recover Folder Lock Password.

Follow the Steps:

First goto Start -> RUN , type REGEDIT and go to the following path
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\QualityControl ]
There will be a string value as  “ _pack ” , Double click on it.
You will see Value Data like “ This is encrypted password~~~~~
(For example “ idfuldbiffsg~~~~~ ”)

Ignore the sign ~~~~ ,
(For example “ idfuldbiffsg~~~~~ ” & After ignoring it will be like this “ idfuldbiffsg ”)

Then just type that in reverse order, 
(for example if the code is “ idfuldbiffsg ” then just type it in reverse order then it would be like this “ gsffibdlufdi ” )

Then in this last step, what you need to do is that,
Move one character each to backward,
Here the example:

Replace letter 'b' by letter 'a' because 'a' is the letter before 'b',
Replace letter 'p' by letter 'o' because 'o' is the letter before 'p' , and keep doing it for all characters for that 
resulted (reverse ordered) word in Step 3,

( In this tutorial, the resulted (reverse ordered) word by step3 is " gsffibdlufdi " & after decrypting like step 4, it will become " freehacktech ")
AND this is your Actual Password...
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