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How to install Backtrack5-A WANTED OS for Linux Users

We can use many methods like getting a DVD of backtrack 5 from market or else getting it installed from any other expert but why should we try it at our own? well I will try to talk as much easily as I can. I must tell you that this Linux flavor is really good for those who are hackers and also for those who are penetration testers and audit servers and systems. Here for installing back track we shall need these things:-

Requirements for installing Backtrack 5:-

  1. A USB disk of over 4GB free space.
  2. A Backtrack 5 ISO downloaded from here. (If you are beginner you should choose genome)
  3. Brain the most important thingSmile with tongue out.

Making USB for installing Backtrack 5:-

  1. Download unetbootin which you are going to use while making a USB for installing bt5(backtrack 5) , well unetbootin is a software which can be used to make bootable USB’s of many Linux flavors. It loads distributions either by downloading a ISO (CD image) files for you, or by using an already downloaded ISO.
  2. After it plugin your USB device and format it to FAT 32.
  3. Now, start Unetbootin and select “Disk Image” option and then select the downloaded ISO of bt5 where you have downloaded it.
  4. Select the required USB drive and then hit “OK” , your USB disk will be created.
  5. Do, remember that as default the username is “root” and password is “toor”

Installing Backtrack5 From USB:-

Now, your USB disk is ready and you can use it to create dual boot as well as much more but here I am going to show you that how can we install it in a system in which no windows I present. (later I’ll post that how to make dual boot)
  • Go to your system setup and select boot order in that set USB drive at first number. Now restart computer and your computer will boot from USB.
  • Let the default boot option start in unetbootin boot menu.
  • After that at the bash prompt, type “startx” to enter the GUI (Graphical Interface).
  • You will be taken to the desktop after that double click “” to start installation it will be present at desktop it will take sometime to load. (If you are prompted for password before this step then use “toor” and username is “root”.
  • Select the language and click on the forward button.
  • Select your geographical location and time zone than click on the forward button.
  • Choose your keyboard layout, or leave it on a default i-e USA
  • After that choose the following option “Erase and Use the Entire Disk” as I did in screen shot below as we are assumed to make new installation of bt5:-
  • Now, hit forward and check out that all the selected options are right or now as in this step it will tell you that what you have chosen for bt5 and hit forward.
  • Your installation will begin and at 99% it will take some time so don’t worry and don’t think that your computer is not responding. After this restart your computer when installation is finished.
Enjoy using bt5, and drop comment below if you need any further help.

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