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Get Any Video Files on iTunes

Alright, so I know some of you have that problem out their were you want to add a video to iTunes so you can watch it on your iPod/iPhone/iPad, and when you do File>Add file to library… then choose your video and nothing shows up. (Or if it does, and it wont go on your iPod) The reason this is, is because the file you are adding is not a .MP4 format. Video files need to be in an .mp4 format to play on iPods. So how do you get that video in a .mp4 format? Easy, you just need one piece of software, and thats it!
1. First, you need to go and download the program Any Video Converter. It works great and picks up almost every type of video format you input it to convert.
Download Any Video Converter from cnet

2. Once installed start the program, now first I suggest to set your output folder. What the output folder is, is where the program saves your finished video that you chose to convert. I noramally set it to the Desktop to easily find it and move it later, or set it as Videos folder under the Users home. To change your output folder go to File>Set Output folder…

3. Now, you can choose the video file (not currently in the .MP4 format to convert.  To do so, just click the big old ADD VIDEO button in the upper left hand side of the application. Now browse for it, and select it. For this demo, im going to use a video i have in the .AVI format.
4. Next, you need to set what file format you want your video to be. And if you want it for your iPod/iPhone/iPad (and even PSPs) you need .MP4 From the file menu in the upper right hand side of the app, where it says Profile: choose Customized MP4 Movie.

5. Now you can click the nice large CONVERT button just to the right of the ADD VIDEO button, and let it convert. The larger/longer the movie the longer it will take to convert the file, but it shouldn’t be to bad. Alot of the speed depends on how fast and good your CPU is.
6.Once the converting process is done, your video will be in a MP4 folder of where you set your output folder to. Such as if you set your output folder to your desktop, their will now be a MP4 folder on your desktop which contains your converted video.
7.Then do the old, File>Add File to Library… thing in iTunes, and have a nice Hank Hill styled chuckle and enjoy your video showing up on iTunes and your iPod!
Click to see full size
Click to see full size
If you have any issues or questions please leave a comment.

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