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Use Gmail on Windows Mail.

This is a trick for Windows Vista’s Windows Mail. Using your Gmail account.
1. First, you need a gmail account. Its probably the best free email service out thier… why not sign up! Go here to sign up!
2. Once you sign up, while in you gmail inbox click the Settings link in the upper-right hand corner of your browser.
- In the settings menu click the tab that says:  Forwarding and POP/IMAP
Click to See full size
Click to See full size
- Make sure POP is enabled, like shown in the screen shot above. If it is not, click “Enable POP for all mail” and click save. When you click save it will take you back into your inbox.
3. Now, in Vista open Windows Mail.
-In Windows Mail, click Tools in the menu can choose accounts…

4. When the window “Internet Accounts” comes up, on the right click the Add… button
5. Choose Email Account in the list.
6. Enter you name.
7. put you gmail email address:
8. Choose POP3 from the drop-down menu.
-For the incoming server write:
-For the outgoing email server write:
* Then check mark the box on the bottom of that window that says: This Server requires authentication.
Click to see larger view
Click to see larger view
9. Click Next.
10. For email user name type in your Gmail address. example:
11. Then type your Gmail password, and hit next.
12. Check mark the box: Do not download my emails at this time, and click Finish.
13. When the windows closes, the windows “Internet Accounts” should show.
14. In that window, highlight your account, and click the Properties button on the side.
15. Click the Advanced tab in the window.
16. Check mark This Server requires secure connection (SSL)
- Also check mark This Sever requires secure connection (SSL) under the Incoming Mail (POP3) as well.
17. Then where it says Outgoing Mail (STMP): Type the numbers: 465
Then where it says Incoming Mail (POP3): Type the numbers: 995
It should look like this:
Click to see larger image
Click to see larger image
Now click okay, and click send/receive mail. And your done!
Hope that works for you, and thanks for reading!

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