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Easily Share, Secure & Backup Your Files via Dropbox 

Ever wanted to share photos from a recent party or your favorite music with friends? Or collaborate on a school project? Dropbox should be of a great use for you.

Dropbox is an online backup, sync and sharing tool that provides free accounts which makes it easy share of files with your friends.
With there are already hundreds of ways to share files, how does Dropbox make the difference?

Do you use Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger), Yahoo Messenger or Skype to share files with friends? On them, both you and your friend need to stay online while the transfer occurs.
Use a file uploading service like MediaFire to share files with friends? While it allows both you (the uploader) and your friend (downloader) to be online at your own convenient time, there is still the hassle of sharing the “share links” itself.
What Dropbox offers, just a one time pairing of folders, and the sharing becomes as simple as placing the files on your local computer. No more waiting for friends to come online, no more copy pasting of share links!
How Dropbox works is rather syncing of two folders between the paired folders on two (or more) computers. Once you put something on that share folder, it gets auto updated on your friend’s computer who is sharing it with you. And as there is theDropbox servers to hold that file as well, both of you do not need to stay online at the same time. When you come online, the files get synced to the Dropbox servers. Then when your friend comes online, it updates the files on his computer.
The best possible use of Dropbox can be collecting photos from a recent party. The “Send pics on mails”, “Upload pics you got on facebook”… those days are over!
With Dropbox, you create a share folder for the party and send share requests to your friends. Then everyone joins and puts the photos they got on that share folder on their own computer. The result? Now everyone on the share got all the photos of the party. No more going through facebook or mail to download every individual file. Cool ha?
Join Dropbox today and start sharing your files (specially paty pics ;) ) easily. Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage for free. But if you use this link (, you will get an additional 250MB bonus space!
So, what you waiting for? Join Dropbox now following this link:
Happy sharing :)

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